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Cancellation of Sponsor after Request for Humanitarian Parole

The Cleveland American 03 Dec 2023
It’s a recurring question among thousands of Cubans on both sides of the Florida Straits ... The key question is whether this can be done even after applying under Form I-134A ... Expect frustration ... One of the preferred variations is to travel to Nicaragua using the visa-free policy and cross Central America until reaching the South American border ... .

Booming Migrant Charter Flights to Nicaragua Prompt US Crackdown

Voa News 25 Nov 2023
Cuban and Haitian migrants are increasingly taking chartered flights to Nicaragua from where they seek to travel overland to the United States, prompting Washington to impose sanctions this week on the operators of the aircraft ... The Central American country of Nicaragua has not required visas for Cubans since November 2021.

U.S. hits Nicaragua-bound charter flight operators with visa sanctions

The Eagle-Tribune 22 Nov 2023
The Biden administration issued visa restrictions Tuesday against individuals running charter flights into Nicaragua from Cuba and Haiti, making good on a promise to crack down on those facilitating an unprecedented wave of Cuban and Haitian migrants using the Central American country as a springboard to the United States.

US urges Haitians and Cubans to seek lawful means of entering the country

Jamaica Observer 22 Nov 2023
WASHINGTON, (CMC)— The United States State Department is warning Haitian, Cuban, and other would-be migrants to seek out “safe and lawful pathways” to enter the North American country as it launched a new visa restriction policy targeting individuals running charter flights into Nicaragua designed primarily for irregular migrants.

Authorities in El Salvador dismantle smuggling ring, arrest 10 including 2 police officers

Jamaica Observer 14 Nov 2023
Two of the alleged smugglers, or "coyotes," arrested were active members of the Salvadoran national police, the Attorney General's Office said ... Aviation authorities would not say whether the fee was designed to deter migrants, many of whom are known to use Nicaragua as a transit point because of its lax visa requirements. .

How Nicaragua is helping – and charging – Haitians who want to reach the United States

Killeen Daily Herald 31 Oct 2023
But Nicaragua is now welcoming the travelers in massive numbers, removing the requirement for visas ... The visa-free Haiti charters into Nicaragua coincide with a similar surge in African migrants using Central American airports, according to the U.N.

El Salvador imposed a new $1000 fee for passengers with an African passport. Here’s why

The Eagle-Tribune 31 Oct 2023
... southern border, which it shares with Nicaragua, at 19,412 people ... Nicaragua enacted visa-free travel for Cubans in 2021, saying that it was because many people on the island have family in Nicaragua and that it was a way to promote tourism and commerce between the two countries.

Haiti bans charter flights to Nicaragua in blow to migrants fleeing poverty and violence

The Grio 31 Oct 2023
More than 260 flights departing Haiti and believed to have carried up to 31,000 migrants have landed in Nicaragua since early August as Haiti’s crisis deepens ... Experts have said that seats on charter flights to Nicaragua can range from $3,000 to $5,000, with Nicaragua a popular destination because it does not require visas for certain migrants.

Haiti bans charter flights to Nicaragua in blow to migrants fleeing poverty, violence

Jamaica Observer 31 Oct 2023
PORT-AU-PRINCE, Haiti (AP) — Haiti's government has banned all charter flights to Nicaragua ... Experts have said that seats on charter flights to Nicaragua can range from $3,000 to $5,000, with Nicaragua a popular destination because it does not require visas for certain migrants.

Haiti suspends all Nicaragua-bound flights in effort to end wave of migration to the US

The Lawton Constitution 30 Oct 2023
The Haiti-Nicaragua flights began in August and have grown from seven flights a day to as many as 15 daily charters ... In addition to Nicaragua, which has suspended visa requirements for Haitians, Honduras is also seeing a large number of migrants cross its borders ... to nationals from Cuba, Venezuela, Haiti and Nicaragua who meet certain criteria.

From Smugglers and TikTok, Migrants Get a Message: Go to New York

Standard-Speaker 30 Oct 2023
Nicaragua extends a loose and inexpensive visa policy to Mauritanians and citizens of some other countries, allowing them to reach North America without using smugglers and delaying the hardship they would encounter once the air travel ended and the ground game began.

Ortega is Using Migrants as a Way to 'Attack' the US

Hot Air 26 Oct 2023
Nicaragua is accused of weaponizing Haitian migrants bound for the United States as Daniel Ortega tries to get concessions from the U.S ... People fleeing countries like Cuba and Mauritania in Africa have long used Nicaragua as a way to get to where they are going because Nicaragua does not require visas for many countries to enter.

Mexico imposes a “visitor visa” for airport transit

The Cleveland American 04 Oct 2023
The Mexican government has announced that passengers in transit at the country’s airports will be required to issue “visitor visas.” ... In Spain, visa is not required, residence cards must clearly indicate permanent or long term on the back ... Mexican Embassy in Havana There are no appointments for issuing these tourist visas.

No, America is not seeing an unprecedented surge in immigration. New Census data prove it.

Usatoday 03 Oct 2023
Visa rules in Nicaragua bring Mauritanians to U.S. An influx of Mauritanians are migrating to the U.S. through a point of entry in Nicaragua, enabled by the country's immigration policy. Many find their way to Cincinnati, where a community of Mauritanians are helping new arrivals get situated. (Aug. 19) (AP Video. Patrick Orsagos). AP ... .

Are Biden's immigration policies allowing dangerous diseases into our country?

The Hill 28 Aug 2023
The majority of the migrants coming from historically atypical countries are coming from Venezuela, Cuba, Nicaragua or Haiti ... One of the legal pathways is a humanitarian parole initiative that offers parole to up to 30,000 migrants a month from Venezuelan, Cuba, Haiti and Nicaragua who do not have visas.